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About Us

The Grove Gazette (TGG) is the digital Selinsgrove Area High School newspaper.  All students who enjoy journalistic and creative writing, photography, videography, drawing, web design, and social media are encouraged to join!  Freelance writers are also welcome.  Please see our Policies to learn more about the submission process.

The purpose of The Grove Gazette is to present news pertaining to the school district and community, as well as to provide a forum for student voice.  The staff aspires to achieve high standards of journalism, reporting objectively about newsworthy topics.  There are eight issues each academic school year.  All contents are copyrighted by The Grove Gazette.

Mrs. Shannon Frantz, The Grove Gazette Advisor, can be reached HERE.

The Grove Gazette

Selinsgrove Area High School

Our Policies

All Selinsgrove Area High School students are welcome to submit articles and artwork for publication in The Grove Gazette.  Freelance writer submissions will be edited by newspaper editors for style, clarity, and length.  The Grove Gazette reserves the right to refuse publication.


Letters to the Editor are encouraged and welcome and may be submitted HERE.  Signed letters will be edited for style, clarity, and length by newspaper editors.  The Grove Gazette reserves the right to refuse publication.  Opinions expressed in signed columns are those of the writer and not necessarily the viewpoint of the newspaper, administration, faculty or staff, student body, or community.


Comments may be made on The Grove Gazette Facebook page.  All posts must be phrased in a respectful and non-inflammatory manner.  The Grove Gazette reserves the right to delete comments.

Corrections and clarifications will be printed in the following publication for any misleading, inaccurate or omitted material.  An editor's note at the end of a published article indicates if a correction has been made.  Retractions are made only when legal advice and the vote of the newspaper editors indicate a need and responsibility.  To inform The Grove Gazette about a potential correction, please click HERE.

To better serve our readers, The Grove Gazette encourages general feedback on the publication and ideas about future articles.  You may submit your suggestions and questions HERE.

Obscene, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate submissions of any kind will not be published and will be subject to potential disciplinary action.